Red Eyes

The second performance

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Written by Ren Saito
Directed by Peter Goessner
Performance date: September 1996
Venue: Nakajuku Hachimangu Shrine (Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu City)

Co-production with the theatrical troupe “Theater Workshop Red Ginger” from Kitakyushu City.
This is the first outdoor performance set in the precincts of Nakajuku Hachimangu Shrine.
A scene from the manga “Akame” by Sanpei Shirato appears as a play within a play, depicting the human condition at a time of transition due to the spread of television.
The author, Ren Saito, came to Kitakyushu to see the play and praised Gessner’s direction. The audience was thrilled by his innovative staging, which included a scene in which ninjas jumped around an old tree in the precincts of the temple and a scene change using a small stage in a rear car.

– Message from the Director
I featured the Japanese Angura(Japanese Avan gard theater in the 70′s). This text describes the human isolation by modernization and mechanization. Experience of the revolution in East Germany.
Peter Goessner, 1996.

Uzume-Archive No. 2 “Red Eyes”