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25th performance
Written by Agota Christoph
Directed by: Peter Goessner
Performance schedule: November 27th (Fri) -29th (Sun), 2011, 4 times in total
Venue: Rainbow Court Sangubashi Studio (Tokyo)

cast: Yoko Matsuo, Tomo Fujisawa, Hiromichi Aramaki

staff: Stage design / Tsutomu Uchiyama, Lighting / Masumi Sakurai , Sound / Yoshimi Takagi

Participating works in “150th Anniversary of Japan-Germany Exchange 2010/2011”

Venue: Rainbow Court
Backer: Embassy of Switzerland, Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Japan, Federal Republic of Germany

During the Prepare of this performance (July 2011), the author, Agota Christoph, died.
From the bottom of my heart, I commend Agota Christoph for his achievements.

When Agota Christoph was twenties,she was exiled to Switzerland with her husband in the wake of the Hungarian Revolution , taking a suckling baby. She made a living while working at a watch factory, but it seems that her exiled companions returned to their hometown knowing that they would commit suicide or be detained one after another. Neuchâtel in Switzerland is a French-speaking country, and she writes novels and plays, calling French a hostile language. “Le Grand Cahier” became a bestseller and was recognized as a writer. “Le Grand Cahier” is a story about twin brothers, but it is said that it is modeled on Agoda and his older brother. However, Agoda never returned to his hometown of Hungary to meet her immediate family.