The fourth Performance

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It was selected as one of the three best theater magazines of the year in the Kansai area, JAMCi.

Written by Makoto Sato
Directed by Peter Goessner
Performance Period: August 1996
Venue: Shokakuji Temple (Kurosaki, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu City)

We built a full-scale wooden stage on a slope in the main hall of Shokakuji Temple, using scaffolding for lighting, and “hijacked the temple’s main hall,” as Goessner calls it. Akira Matsushita and Hide Furumoto, currently active in the theater company NEWSPAPER and unknown at the time, appeared in this production and left a strong impression.

– Message from the director
This is one of the masterpieces of Japanese Angura theater in the 70′s. This play has its own historical view to Japanese society, and also very theatrical Usually Japanese actors don’t have a sense of historical view to their own country, so I thought this would be a very good experience for them.
Peter Goessner, 1996.