My friend Hitler

The first Flag-Off Performance

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Written by Yukio Mishima
Directed by Peter Goessner
Stage Design: Katsu Murakami
Performance date: April 1996
Venue: Women’s Center Move (now Gender Equality Center Move) (Kokura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu City)

The first performance of the Uzume Theater. Goessner himself scouts out actors from various theater companies in Kitakyushu for casting. Goessner himself played the role of Strasser.
The innovative stage design by Fukuoka-based artist Katsu Murakami and the costume design based on the theme of death costumes made for a spectacular performance.

– Message from the Director
As for the very first production of Uzume Theater , I chose this Mishima’s text.
I wanted to show the contrast of the attitude to Hitler between German and Japanese.
Peter Goessner, 1996.

Uzume Archive No.1 “My friend Hitler”