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Established in 1995 by director Peter Goessner in Kitakyushu. The following year, The first play is a Yukio Mishima’s “My Friend Hitler”. The stage creation is doing based on the full-scale theater method by Goessner. He has tryed and performed a wide range of plays, from Angura theater to the first translation and premiere of overseas classics and contemporary theater. We make plays in various spaces such as the shrine precincts, the main hall of temples, and the terraces of hotels. In 2007, moved to Tokyo.

<Major awards, overseas performances, etc.>

2000 Received the highest award at the 1st Toga Director Competition.
In 2004, we was invited to the Cairo International Experimental Theater Festival (CIFET2004) for “Night Pot” (written by Juro Kara).
In 2007, we was invited to the OHAYO! JAPAN Festival in Leipzig, Germany at “Antigone @ Japan”.
2007-2011 Goessner becomes artistic director of Sengawa Theater in Chofu City
February 2014 Performed “Sunaonna ← → Sunaotoko” jointly directed by Goessner and Tengai Amano (at The Suzunari)
2016 20th Anniversary “Antony and Cleopatra” (written by W. Shakespeare) performed (at Theater X)
October 2018-February 2019 Long-run performance of the tragedy “Fedre” Written by Jean Racine (at Tokyo Art Museum)
June 2020: Invited to the Sibiu Theater Festival, one of the three major theater festivals in the world, but canceled due to the influence of Corona.
Since April 2020, many online video distribution performances, art awards, events, etc. have been held.
In June 2020, the first performance “Fedre” with spectators was performed at the Sengawa Theater after the self-restraint was lifted.
October 2020 Ale for art! Adopted for the Tokyo project (stage type) and premiered “Unter Eis” in Japan.